How to Grow Corn from Seeds to Harvest

Knowing how to grow corn must have been familiar us, because growing corn was often done by the community to sustain the people’s economy. Since Indonesia has a tropical climate corn can be well grown. However, there are many types of corn varieties that can be cultivated. Planting corn includes the process of selecting seedlings and cultivating the soil until it is harvested. The things that must be considered when planting corn such as choosing corn seed, land management, and harvesting.

Before starting to plan the corn seeds, it is important to choose the superior quality corn seed or a well-known brand if you buy it at a farm stall. Corn should be used as seedlings are really high quality, large, healthy and free from pests and diseases, choose corncobs that are still tightly wrapped After choosing the seeds, taking care the land is also important. The soil must be clean of old plant debris or grass and is made into beds or hoe with a depth of 25 cm. After the hoe, then the soil can be leveled again. It is recommended to give lime to reduce the level f soil acidity before planting land.

At the stage of growing corn, it is important to give sufficient organic and chemical fertilizer make land planted with corn becomes fertile. When planting the seed, the good distance is between 90 x 60 cm. Corn seedling should be inserted 2 corn seeds in each hole with a depth of 5 cm. If the plant reaches a height of 300 cm, clean the soil from weeds and give fertilizer.

After planting the seed, maintain the plants becomes important. The plants should be watered and given fertilizer. The fertilizing process can be done by making a hole using wood, put fertilizer in the hole around the corn plant. Next is to wed when the plant is one month old. Doing routine treatment is needed to maintain it from the diseases.

It’s time to harvest the old corn from the stem, then dry it under the sun. After drying the corn fruit can be stored or done milling to separate the corn seeds with cornbread. The corn should be kept a safe place from pests such as mice.

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